Why do instagram stories have ads?

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Instagram Story Ads are technically a separate placement and ad feature from Newsfeed Instagram Ads and are currently restricted to other destinations. You can use the following ads for Instagram Story Ads:

To get the most out of your Instagram Story Ads, follow these best practices: Do something that requires customers to watch immediately. If a user clicks away from your story ad, that’s all – it’s gone. Because of this, it’s important to use content that immediately grabs users’ attention and is incredibly memorable.

Carousel ads are great for Facebook and equally good for Instagram story ad campaigns. One thing to note: Carousel ads for Instagram Stories can’t be served with other placements, so they must be built into their own campaigns.

For example, if you’re running a single-image ad, you may need to upload separate images for the Facebook newsfeed and Instagram stories. The good news is that Facebook will tell you if this is the case, but your goal shouldn’t be to find a few very similar iterations of the same ad that show on multiple placements.

How to Stop Ads on Instagram Stories?

To hide an ad you don’t like: Tap (iPhone) or (Android) in the top-right corner of the sponsored post. Tap Hide ad. Under “Why are you hiding this ad?” you can choose from a list of options you don’t like the ad. This helps us better manage your advertising experience on Instagram.

Why is Instagram full of ads now?

Instagram has found a new place to display ads: at the bottom of your feed. … Now Instagram says it will use this space to suggest new, organic posts for users to view, as well as ads. The original idea behind the You’re All Caught Up notice was to curb overuse of Instagram’s addictive social app.

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