Where is the biggest goal and how big is it? (Everything you need to know!)

Target’s strategy of setting up large stores allows the company to stock a wide range of items and attracts thousands of customers every day.

When you see how big Target’s stores tend to be, you may have wondered – which city has the largest Target in the country and how big is it? Here is the answer to this exciting question!

Where is the biggest goal in 2022?

The largest Target store in the United States is located in Annapolis, Maryland as of 2022. This store is listed as having over 200,000 square feet compared to the typical sized Target store which typically averages around 130,000 square feet.

If you want to learn more about the difference between a regular Target and a SuperTarget, which city and state has the most Target stores, and more, read on!

What is the largest target storage?

The largest Target store is just over 200,000 square feet, while the largest SuperTarget is located in Hoover, Alabama and measures around 191,000 square feet, with almost 4.5 acres under one roof.

Additionally, the Target store at The Valley Forge Shopping Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania measures approximately 165,000 square feet.

Previously, larger Target stores were known as SuperTarget stores and offered more services and products than regular stores.

Groceries have been added alongside additional checkouts and amenities to provide a hypermarket experience that rivals that of Walmart Supercenters.

However, in August 2015, Target simply rebranded all stores as “Target” and released this statement: “Big or small, our stores have one thing in common: they are all Target.”

After that announcement, newer stores were simply named Target, although older stores may still have SuperTarget signs on the building.

Which city has the most target shops?

Chicago, Illinois is the city with the most Target stores in the United States with a total of 21 stores.

In second place is a tie between Los Angeles, California, Minneapolis and Minnesota with 17 stores each.

Additionally, the city with the fewest Target stores is San Jose, California, with 11 stores.

Additionally, the states with the most target locations are California with 310, Texas with 153, and Florida with 126 locations.

What is the smallest goal?

The smallest target is a small format store in Wicker Park, Chicago, measuring approximately 12,800 square feet.

Target began setting up smaller stores around 2018 to support more urban areas where a larger Target wouldn’t fit.

It currently has more than 140 small format stores across the US, 30 of which are located near college campuses for easy student access.

These smaller stores offer a more efficient shopping experience as they have typically researched the local area to determine the best products to stock (since the store has limited space and inventory).

As part of this research, teams of staff look at other local businesses and find information from local guests to determine what they need to offer the community.

As a result, a Target store can be completely different from another Target store that is only 6 blocks away.

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The largest target is located in Annapolis, Maryland and is approximately 200,000 square feet (approximately 4.5 acres of land).

However, Target is focusing its efforts on creating more of its small-format stores across the U.S. to better serve small communities and urban areas.

While larger Target stores were formerly known as SuperTarget stores, they have been rebranded and renamed “Target” and newer large stores are referred to as such.

However, older stores may still have SuperTarget on the building depending on their location.