Where can I use a Verizon e-gift card? (List of Options + Frequently Asked Questions)

Verizon e-gift cards are electronic versions of a physical Verizon gift card, and if you received one as a gift you may be wondering: Where can I use these gift cards?

If so, read on because I’ll tell you what I found out about where you can use it and other related questions you might have about the gift card.

Where can I use a Verizon e-gift card in 2022?

A Verizon e-gift card is an electronic form of a Verizon gift card and can be used like a regular gift card. You will often receive the gift card by email. However, a Verizon e-gift card can only be used on Verizon products or services and cannot be used outside of Verizon in 2022.

Want to learn more about where you can use your Verizon e-gift card and if it expires? Well, read on to learn all about where and how to use the gift card below!

Where is the Verizon e-gift card accepted?

1. Verizon Stores

The most common place you’ll want to use your Verizon e-Gift Card is at a Verizon store, and you present the e-Gift Card at the register when you check out.

In addition, you can print the e-gift card in advance or present the e-gift card on your phone at the checkout.

Most e-gift cards have a barcode that can be scanned, but the cashier can manually enter the information into the computer if there is no barcode.

2. Verizon website

You can use Verizon’s e-gift card on the company’s website and use it to make purchases at Verizon Mobile or Verizon Home.

In addition, you can use the gift card to purchase accessories and smartphones, or you can use it to pay your Verizon bill and enter the gift card details during checkout.

3. My Verizon App

Verizon e-gift cards can be used in the My Verizon app and all you have to do is log into your My Verizon account.

In addition, the e-gift card can be used to pay your bill, purchase smartphones, accessories and other products through My Verizon.

You will have the option to enter the e-gift card details at checkout.

4. My Verizon website

If you don’t have the My Verizon app, you can use your e-gift card on the My Verizon website for mobile or home products and services.

Similar to the app, you must first log into the My Verizon website, add items to your shopping cart, and then enter the gift card information during the checkout process.

5. My Fios app

If you have Verizon Fios, you can use an e-gift card in the My Fios app to pay for your bill or additional services and supplies, and enter the gift card details during checkout.

Can I use the Verizon e-gift card at Verizon Authorized Resellers?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Verizon e-gift card at authorized Verizon retailers and can only use the gift card in Verizon stores, through the app, or online.

How do I check my Verizon E-Gift Card balance?

You can check your Verizon e-gift card balance online, or you can call 4438 or 1(800) 876-4141 from your Verizon phone.

Do Verizon e-gift cards expire?

Verizon e-gift cards do not expire, so you can save the gift card and use it anytime. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place as you won’t get a replacement if you lose it.

Are there any fees with the Verizon e-gift card?

There are no fees for the Verizon e-gift card even if you don’t use your gift card right away, so you don’t have to worry about being charged.

How do I pay the My Verizon Mobile bill with an e-gift card?

If you have a My Verizon account, you should first make sure your account has a balance, otherwise you won’t be able to add the gift card as a payment option.

Next, log into your account and then select “Payment Options” and choose which option applies to you, e.g. B. Payment of a specific amount, partial payment or full payment.

Select “Continue” and then “Add/Edit Payment Method”.

From there you should see a “Gift Card” option, so just select that and then “Add Method”.

There are also prompts that you need to follow to complete the process and once your e-gift card has been added you can use it to pay your bill.

Can I pay my bill over the phone with the Verizon e-gift card?

You can use your Verizon e-gift card to pay your Verizon bill over the phone by calling 4438 or 1-800-876-4141.

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You may use your Verizon e-gift card anywhere that accepts a Verizon gift card, limited to Verizon stores, the My Verizon app or website, or the Verizon website, including Fios.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Verizon e-gift card at Verizon Authorized Resellers. However, your gift card does not expire, so you can use it at any time with no fees or charges.