What season did Damon get sick from a werewolf bite?

‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Season 2, Episode 22, ‘As I Lay Dying’: TV Recap (Season Finale) – WSJ.

How did Damon get the cure in season 6?

Elena took the cure. Then she was put to sleep by kai. Years later Bonnie took the cure out of Elena to give to Damon so he could force it in cade to kill him, but after Stefan killed Enzo, Bonnie injected it into Stefan as self defense.

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What does Wes do to Damon?

At the end of the episode, Damon and Enzo have finally tracked him down to kill him, but Wes was waiting for them with the Travelers, who incapacitate them long enough for Wes to inject Damon with the “ripper serum,” turning him into an Augustine vampire that had an insatiable hunger for other vampires.

Does Damon get cured from the virus?

Eventually, both Damon and Elena were cured of their respective viruses by the Travelers, thereby eradicating the Ripper Virus forever.

What episode does Elena sleep with Damon?

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Damon and Elena (Season 4, Episode 7) It was the moment Delena fans had been waiting for: Damon and Elena finally got it on. And, after a few fake-outs, it was the real deal.

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The Vampire Diaries – S02E22 – Damon dying from a Werewolf bite

How many kids did Damon and Elena have?

And yes, the show later confirmed that Damon and Elena have multiple children – Jenna, Sarah Lillian and a son, Grayson.

What episode does Damon become human again in season 6?

Damon Comes Back From The Dead | The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 – YouTube.

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Is Klaus The only cure for a werewolf bite?

Why is Klaus’ blood the only cure for wolf bite? Every hybrid’s blood should be a cure for wolf bite not only Klaus’ as they also are half wolf and half vampire.

Who turned Damon humanity back on Season 8?

As Sybil explains it, she turned Damon’s humanity back on, and as a result, his mind has shut down because it can’t handle all of the emotions. Conveniently, Sybil is the only one who can help Damon, and in return, she wants the super powerful bell that can kill her.

How does Damon turn human again?

Damon was a 178-year-old vampire and distant descendant of Silas. Since his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure, he is now human.

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Does Damon get a cure for eating vampires?

In While You Were Sleeping, both Elena and Damon were cured after being given antidotes to their respective Ripper Compounds with help from the Travelers. And, with the deaths of Wes and the Travelers, the formula for the compound was presumably lost.

What episode is Damon cured?

‘Vampire Diaries’: Elena, Damon Taking Cure — Season 6 Episode 19 Recap | TVLine.

Who cures Damon’s werewolf bite?

At the end of last season, Damon almost died from a werewolf bite, but Stefan got Klaus to give him some of his wolf-bite curing blood.

Who gives Damon the cure?

In I Was Feeling Epic, Stefan used a syringe to collect some of his blood, which contained the cure and then injected into Damon when he was trying to send Katherine back to hell.


Does Damon turn human in the end?

Damon is also now human, following Stefan’s decision to inject his brother with the cure in The Vampire Diaries series finale. That’s how Damon and Elena had their daughter, Stefanie Salvatore, named in memory of her hero-haired uncle.

What episode does Damon get cured from the werewolf bite?

“As I Lay Dying” is the 22nd episode and last of the second season of The CW television series, The Vampire Diaries and the 44th episode of the series overall. It originally aired on May 12, 2011.

Will Damon age if he takes the cure?

Damon has the cure in his system so he wont age, but if the blood is sucked out of him, the same thing that applied to katherine will also happen to him, his age will catch up with him and he would die, the age he currently is.

How does Elena forgive Damon?

Elena constantly forgives Damon from doing horrible things to her, such as killing her younger brother Jeremy (although he came back to life) or feeding her vampire blood (essentially ending her human life).

What cures a werewolf bite in Vampire Diaries?

Cures. One cure for werewolf venom is the blood of the Original hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson, as well as the blood of his daughter, Hope. Both can be used to cure a werewolf bite.

What happens Damon Season 8 episode 14?

And this time, instead of picking Elena over his brother, Damon chooses to sacrifice himself to save them both. He opts to give Cade his soul, which means he has to stake himself (with a piece of Elena’s coffin no less).

Does Damon also become human?

Did Damon And Elena Become Human Again? In a word, yes. By the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, both Nina Dobrev’s Elena and Ian Somerhalder’s Damon were human, living a happy, married life.

Does Elena forgive Damon for killing Tyler?

He knows that killing Tyler is too far, even for Damon. Elena would never forgive him for that. But as Damon explains, “Elena and I are through.” In fact, Damon’s been seeing another woman.

How does Damon get cured?

She slowly falls in love with him again, ultimately declaring that no matter whether she has memories of him or not, she always finds her way back to him. When Bonnie returns from the prison world, she gifts Damon with the cure for vampirism, knowing that he wanted to give it to Elena.

Does Damon find a cure for his wolf bite?

He held a torch for Katherine for a while (and by a while I mean more than 100 years), but then started to get feelings for Elena. At the end of last season, Damon almost died from a werewolf bite, but Stefan got Klaus to give him some of his wolf-bite curing blood. Elena kissed Damon when she thought he was dying.

Who takes the cure in season 6?

It was later revealed when Amara took the cure that if the person who it was taken from was older than a human should be, they would age rapidly and die without the cure in their system. Flash forward to season 6 and Elena taking the cure.


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