What are the top 3 human rights?

What are human rights?
  • the right to life.
  • the right to respect for private and family life.
  • the right to freedom of religion and belief.

Philippines facing worst human rights violations country has ever seen — Carlos Conde

Which country has lowest freedom?

Least free were Syria (3.79), Venezuela (3.80), and Yemen (4.30). The components on which the index is based can be divided into economic freedoms and other personal freedoms. Highest ranking in economic freedoms were Hong Kong (8.91) and Singapore (8.71).

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What country is #1 in freedom?

#1 Singapore
32 Read More About SingaporeSingapore’s economic freedom score is 84.4, making its economy the freest in the 2022 Index.


What are the 3 most important human rights?

Human rights are based on values that keep society fair, just and equal. They include the right to life, the right to health and the right to freedom from torture.

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Is South Korea a free country?

Every Korean citizen over the age of 19 has the right to vote. In the Constitution of Republic of Korea, there are rights and freedoms for its citizens. For instance, freedom of speech or press. Hence, there is no official censorship in place.

Does India have freedom?

The Constitution of India provides the right of freedom, given in article 19 with the view of guaranteeing individual rights that were considered vital by the framers of the constitution. The right to freedom in Article 19 guarantees the freedom of speech and expression, as one of its six freedoms.

Which country has lowest human rights?

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Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Human Freedom Indexes (2021):
  • Yemen — 4.08.
  • Sudan — 4.48.
  • Egypt — 4.49.
  • Iran — 4.53.
  • Somalia — 4.93.
  • Burundi — 5.02 (tie)
  • Iraq — 5.02 (tie)
  • Libya — 5.05.

Which country is best for human rights?

These are the top countries viewed as caring about human rights by global survey respondents.
  • Sweden. #1 in Cares about human rights. …
  • Switzerland. #2 in Cares about human rights. …
  • Netherlands. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Norway. …
  • Canada. …
  • Finland. …
  • Australia.

Which country is No 3 in world?

Learn more about the United States. Canada, the second-largest country in the world in terms of land mass, ranks No. 3 overall, falling two spots from its first-place ranking in 2021.

What are the top 5 human rights?

These include the right to life, the right to a fair trial, freedom from torture and other cruel and inhuman treatment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the rights to health, education and an adequate standard of living.

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What country is number one in math?

Top Ten Countries with the Highest Math Ranking:
32 United States — 45.8% United Kingdom — 6.3% Germany — 6% France — 5.3%

What is the biggest human rights problem in the world?

10 Human Rights Issues Of The Future
  • Human trafficking. Human trafficking is growing around the world. …
  • Refugee crises. …
  • Worker rights. …
  • Gender equality. …
  • LGBTQ+ rights. …
  • Human rights and technology. …
  • Nationalism. …
  • Attacks on journalists and the spread of misinformation.


Does China allow freedom of speech?

Chinese authorities, recognizing in recent years that limited freedom of expression enables the government to better monitor potentially problematic social issues (referred to as “舆论监督”) have begun to tolerate criticism, but only from certain categories of people, a kind of “free-speech elite,” and only then in …

Does the US have poor human rights?

The United States has generally been given high to fair marks on human rights. For example, the Freedom in the World index (based in the U.S.) lists the United States in the highest category for human freedom in civil and political rights, with 83 out of 100 points as of 2021.

Which countries struggle with human rights?

The 31 Human Rights Priority Countries are: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, …

Where does India rank in human rights?

India slipped to the 119th position in the Human Freedom Index Report 2021 of 165 countries.

Who is most respected in India?

20 Great Personalities of India
32 Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948): the Father of India. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (1891–1956): Indian Social Reformer. Jawaharlal Nehru (1889–1964): the First Prime Minister of India, an Indian Independence activist.

How many countries have poor human rights?

More than 167 countries are guilty of violating the human rights of its citizens. And while some of those are unsafe to visit, others are tempting holiday destinations which are not deemed dangerous for travellers. Forget green hotels and eco friendly travel.

Which country has the hardest education?

Following countries are well known for their toughest education system across the globe:
  • South Korea.
  • Japan.
  • Singapore.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Finland.

What is the number 1 human right?

Article 1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

What is the most lawful country?

The top-ranked country in the WJP Rule of Law Index 2022 is Denmark, followed by Norway (2), Finland (3), Sweden (4), and the Netherlands (5). The bottom ranked countries are Venezuela (140), Cambodia (139), Afghanistan (138), the Democratic Republic of Congo (137), and Haiti (136).

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