Walmart Social Media Policy (Here’s what you can and can’t do)

As one of the retail giants in the US, Walmart is popular with shoppers for reasonably priced goods and services. And to promote deals and communicate important information to its loyal customers, Walmart maintains a large social media presence online.

But when it comes to the company’s social media platforms and engagement policies, you might be wondering: what exactly is Walmart’s social media policy? I did some research and here is what I discovered!

Walmart Social Media Policy in 2022

Walmart requires that all social media interactions follow certain guidelines for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Unacceptable content includes bullying or discriminatory language, harassment, misrepresentation, incitement to commit crime, and more.

If you want to learn more about Walmart’s social media policies, its various social media platforms, and the do’s and don’ts of its media policies, read on!

Does Walmart Censor Its Social Media?

Walmart does not work to censor social media engagement, but the company reserves the right to remove content posted to its Facebook or Instagram pages that violates the Community Guidelines.

However, if you follow the guidelines set out by the company, you can communicate directly with the community of buyers and employees across Walmart’s various social media platforms!

What is Walmart’s social media policy for employees?

Walmart certainly doesn’t discourage employees and employees from sharing opinions, but it does have guidelines on social media posts.

Aside from the following considerations, it is important to Walmart that employees feel free to engage in social media communities and engage in conversations with other users!

Let’s discuss some of the policies for employees:

  • politics first—Walmart encourages its employees to read and understand the company’s information policy and not to share confidential or private information about the store, merchandise, or customers. The Financial Disclosure Act must be obeyed, and employees should kindly refrain from speaking for Walmart as a company.
  • Leave it to the team—Because Walmart has a dedicated team for dealing with customers on social media, employees who are not part of the official social media team should not address inquiries or criticism directly.
  • Corporate Channels—To deal with job or employment-specific issues, employees should consider directly using Walmart’s direct channels for grievances or concerns related to the job or the company. These are accessed through Walmart’s open-door process or through

What is Walmart’s social media policy for customers?

Walmart’s online media policies are also easy for customers who wish to engage with the company on social media. These guidelines include:

  • Be nice-Walmart does not tolerate aggressive language, bullying, discriminatory language, graphic or cruel descriptions, harassment, name calling, profanity, racism, sexism, or other uncomfortable interactions.
  • The law-Walmart expects all customers to comply with the law at all times, which excludes criminal insinuations, insinuations, or references to things like shoplifting or vandalism. Keep everything overboard!
  • Reality-Walmart expects all posts and interactions to come from real people and actual customer profiles, and not from fake, phishing, or spam accounts that take advantage of online anonymity. Facts are ideal, especially when they are backed up with research.
  • On the subject-Walmart requires all social media engagement to remain on topic and the conversation relevant to community dialogue. Off-subject, out-of-context, advertising, or spam dialogue is undesirable, as are links to third-party websites.

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Walmart has a strong online presence through the most popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Walmart maintains a strict social media policy to keep the online community safe and enjoyable for customers and employees.

While Walmart welcomes the discussion of opinions and questions, it reserves the right to remove content that is unacceptable under the dos and don’ts.