Walmart Price Match Policy (This can save you TONS!)

For bargain hunters, there is nothing worse than buying a product that will go into a discount sale a few days later.

Walmart, the nation’s largest discount retailer, is always looking for ways to help customers save. So if you’re wondering what the Walmart Price Match Policy is, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what I found.

Walmart Price Adjustment Policy 2022

If you purchase a reduced-price product within 7 days of purchase, Walmart will match the price starting in 2022. Walmart’s price match policy includes products such as Clothing, home appliances, home decor, food, furniture and more. Additionally, Walmart does not match the price of Walmart Marketplace merchandise

If you want to know how to make a price match at Walmart and if you need a receipt, read on!

What items fall under Walmart’s price match policy?

New Update 2022: We have received various reports that some Walmart stores have recently updated their policies and no longer offer a price adjustment policy.

Walmart typically adjusts the prices of most products in its extensive stock range. These are some popular examples:

  • Non-Alcoholic Foods
  • domestic appliances
  • home decor
  • furniture
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
  • automotive products

How long do you have to adjust the price at Walmart?

Walmart is willing to refund the difference for products that have been reduced in price 7 days after the original purchase.

Online buyers must contact Walmart’s customer service team within 7 days and provide the new price, even if the product has not yet arrived.

Does Walmart make price adjustments for online orders?

Yes, Walmart is happy to adjust the prices of online orders within 7 days of purchase.

However, Marketplace merchandise sold by third-party sellers is exempt, and only products sold and shipped by Walmart are eligible for a price match.

Does Walmart adjust the price of sale items?

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week are the events on everyone’s mind.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t offer price adjustments during Black Friday or Cyber ​​Week to avoid customers taking shortcuts to significantly lower prices.

Additionally, Walmart does not offer price adjustments for items that are or are part of a sale, limited edition purchases, Today’s Value items, or products purchased around Thanksgiving.

Will Walmart adjust prices without a receipt?

Unfortunately, Walmart will not adjust the price if you cannot provide appropriate proof of purchase, e.g. B. the original store receipt or online order invoice, as the cashiers need clear proof of the price you originally paid.

Additionally, cashiers need to see the payment method information you used to make the purchase to authorize a refund.

If Walmart cannot verify your purchase, you may be issued a Walmart gift card.

How do I make price adjustments at Walmart?

Customers should note that in-store products can only be price adjusted in a Walmart store.

Likewise, merchandise purchased from can only be changed online or through Walmart Customer Service.

In-store inquiries are processed at the customer service desk or at a manned checkout.

Also, you don’t need to bring the purchased item with you, but make sure you have the correct proof of purchase.

Additionally, customers may be required to provide proof of the new price, and after verification, the price difference will be refunded to the original payment method.

For online adjustments, customers can contact the service team to confirm the new price of a product compared to the price you paid. You may be required to upload proof of purchase for Walmart verification.

Once authorized, your debit or credit card will be refunded.

Customers should allow 10 days for the refund to reach the bank. If the money doesn’t appear, you may need to contact your banking institution.

What are the limitations of Walmart’s price match policy?

Walmart does not allow price adjustments for products purchased after 7 days.

In addition, you cannot compare store prices with online prices and vice versa. Due to different state laws, prices for alcohol products cannot be adjusted.

Additionally, Walmart Plus membership discounts or offers are not eligible for a price match. If you want to compare the price of another retailer, you need to look at online price comparison.

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Walmart will match the price of products that have been reduced in price with a receipt or online bill within 7 days of purchase. Items covered include clothing, non-alcoholic foods, decoration, furniture, automotive products and home appliances. Products purchased in store are only comparable with store prices, and online items are matched with online prices.