How To Say Car Insurance In Spanish?

  1. In Spanish, the word “car insurance” is “pago de seguros”.
  2. To say “car insurance” in Spanish, one would say “pago de carrera.”

car insurance spanish

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What is an insurance quote in Spanish?

There are a few different types of insurance quotes in Spanish. For example, you may receive a car insurance quote in Spanish if you have a vehicle in Spain.

Is car feminine in Spanish?

Yes, auto is feminine in Spanish.

What does cerrado mean in Spanish?

The Cerrado is a large, low-lying area in central Brazil.

Do you need a taxi, Sir Spanish?

No, I don’t need a taxi.

What’s Caro in English?

Caro is an Italian word meaning “carriage”.

Is it the house or the house?

It’s not really safe. It means both, but in different ways. El Casa is a traditional Mexican house, while La Casa is more of an open-air restaurant.

What is the name of a mexican girl?

A Mexican girl is named Chicana.

What do Mexicans call themselves?


What does the Spanish word barato mean?

The Spanish word “barato” means “cheap”.

What is a cerdo in English?

A cerdo is a type of pork often cooked in Spain and Latin America.

What do you mean by Alegre?

Alegre is a Spanish word meaning happy.

What is a taxi called in Spain?

A taxi is called “Taxi” or “Vago” in Spain.

How do you say you need milk in Spanish?

I need a milk in Spanish.

How do you say cerrado in English?

Cerrado is a Spanish word meaning “closed”.

What does cerrado mean in geography?

The Cerrado is a large, flat area of ​​the Brazilian Amazon that is home to a number of endangered animals including the jaguar and puma.

Does caro mean car?

No, Caro is a surname.

Can you name a man Cara Mia?

Yes, you can name a man Cara Mia.

What is Vestido Spanish?

Vestido is a type of clothing typically worn in Spain.