How much is a 2003 Honda Element worth?

Built to last, the Honda Element can last in between 250,000 to 300,000km, which corresponds to 15 – 20 years of service with good maintenance and sensible driving. This is based on the average annual mileage of an American of 15,000 miles per year.

How much did a Honda Element cost in 2003?

DX AWD$17,960$16,910
EX AWD$20,510$19,262

What is the value of a Honda Element?

MakeAverage priceLast 90 days
CarGurus Index$30,694-0.26%
Honda element$10,031+4.59%
2003 Honda Element$7,175+0.65%
2004 Honda Element$8,042+11.32%

Are there any recalls for a 2003 Honda Element?

American Honda Motor Company (Honda) is recalling certain 2002-2003 model year Civic, CR-V and Odyssey vehicles and 2003 model year Accord, Element, Pilot and Acura MDX vehicles to address a safety defect in the Fixing the passenger side front airbag which can create excessive internal pressure causing the inflator to…

Is Honda Elements repair expensive?

Costs. The average annual total cost of repairs and maintenance on a Honda Element is $491compared to an average of $521 for compact SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

How Many Miles per Gallon Does a 2003 Honda Element Get?

Up to 22 city / 26 highway

What engine is in a 2003 Honda Element?

2.4L 4 cylinder

How much horsepower does a 2003 Honda Element have?

160 hp

Is a 2003 Honda Element AWD?

The used 2003 Honda Element comes with it all wheel drive, and front-wheel drive. Transmissions available include: 4-speed automatic.

Is Honda Element a good car?

The Honda Element is as reliable as any other Honda

Although Consumer Reports gave the Honda Element a three out of five for “Predicted Reliability,” JD Power gave it an 81 out of 100 rating for “Quality and Reliability,” which is considered great compared to other similar vehicles.

What was the last year they made the Honda Element?

Here is the official Honda release: The 2011 Honda Element will be the final model year of production of American Honda Motor Co’s innovative and functional crossover utility vehicle.

What kind of car is a Honda Element?

The Honda Element is a compact crossover SUV Manufactured by Honda and marketed in North America over a single generation for the 2003-2011 model years – noted for its boxy exterior design with split side doors and boxy, flexible interior.

How much gas does a Honda Element have?

Honda has been making models of the Element 2WD for 9 years. you average 21.1 combined miles per gallonwith the latest 2011 Element 2WD above average at 22 combined MPG.

Does a Honda Element have a timing belt?

Does the Honda Element have a timing chain? A timing chain is included with the Honda Element. As a rule, the coolant should be changed 60,000 times a year. It is recommended to replace the air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Are Honda Elements good off-road?

And although many jeep and truck applications also used this method, it’s not the ideal way, especially if you want to do some serious off-road driving. However, The Honda Element isn’t really designed for serious rock crawlingso the available kits for easy overlanding should work just fine.

How much can a 2003 Honda Element tow?

1,500 pounds

What is the difference between Honda Element EX and LX?

The Element is available in LX and EX versions. The LX comes standard with air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and keyless entry. The EX adds seven speakers, including a 6.5-inch subwoofer, satellite radio, AUX-in for MP3 players, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

How much does a 2003 Honda Element weigh?

3,330 to 3,526 lbs

How long is a 2003 Honda Element?


How wide is a 2003 Honda Element?


What are the dimensions of a 2003 Honda Element?

167″L x 72″W x 74″H