How much is a 1999 Prowler trailer worth?

Reliable and easy to use, the Prowler is the best-selling motorhome of all time. These trailers win the hearts of travelers with their price, elegance, reliability and ease of use.

How much does a 1999 Prowler camper weigh?

travel trailerlengthweight (kg)

How much does a Fleetwood Prowler cost?

Recommended list priceAverage retail
basic price$23,548$10,500
Options (Add)
total price$23,548$10,500

Who Makes Prowler Travel Trailers?

heartland Prowler travel trailer

The Prowler by Heartland brand has been synonymous with RVs for nearly 50 years and holds the respected title of best-selling RV of all time.

Does Prowler still make trailers?

Total weight (kg)9000
Shipping weight (kg)6785
Clutch Weight (lbs)875
Cargo Capacity (lbs)2183
Outside Length (ft)33’11”

Who Makes Heartland Prowler?

parentThor Industries

How much does a Fleetwood Prowler weigh?

Is sleeping5
clutch weight671 pounds
gross weight7800 pounds
dry weight5504 pounds
cargo weight1996 pounds

Who Makes Fleetwood Prowler?

Heartland’s Prowler has been a top travel trailer for nearly 50 years and still holds the title as the best-selling RV of all time! That’s no small feat, as to reach this level of success, Prowler has had to keep innovating and improving with each release.

How much does a Prowler trailer weigh?

Is sleeping4
clutch weight570 pounds
gross weight7570 pounds
dry weight4650 pounds
cargo weight2888 pounds

How much does a Heartland Prowler cost?

Recommended list priceAverage retail
basic price$24,316$21,700
Options (Add)
total price$24,316$21,700

How long is a Prowler camper?

A Fleetwood RV brand since the 1970’s, Prowler has developed a wide range of trailers for the camping enthusiast. The Prowler Recreational Vehicle selection includes fifth wheels and touring trailers of various products 17 to 40 feet.

Who Owns Heartland RV?

Thor Industries

What campers does Heartland make?

What is that? That North Trail Ultra Lite, Mallard, Sundance, Prowler, Trail Runner, Pioneer and Mallard Pathfinder are all models in the Heartland RV caravan range.

Who Makes North Trail RV?

North Trail Ultra Lite – Motorhomes from the heartland.

Who Makes Prowler Fifth Wheels?

A Fleetwood Motorhome Brand that has been around since the 1970’s, Prowler has developed a wide range of trailers for the camping enthusiast. Prowler’s line of recreational vehicles includes fifth wheels and travel trailers of various products and ranges from 17 to 40 feet.

Is Heartland a good RV company?

That’s why Heartland motorhomes are packed with innovative features and the finest materials available. Because of this, they are among the most copied in the industry and bring some of the best motorhome resale values. And that’s why Heartland is among the best RV manufacturers in the nation.

Who Makes Greystone Motorhomes?

Greystone for sale – Heartland fifth wheels – RV dealer.

How long has Heartland RV been in business?

2. Who owns the Heartland Company? The Heartland RV company was established in 2003 by Brian Brady, former CEO of Damon Corp.

How much does a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler weigh?

travel trailerlengthweight (kg)

How heavy is a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler?

RV typefifth wheelslides
VIN…94492Fresh water
dry weight5470 pounds.Grey water
length27.0 feetBlack water
Is sleeping6 persons)

Is Fleetwood RV still in business?

Fleetwood RV is now headquartered in Decatur, Indiana. In 2010, AIP merged Fleetwood with E-One, Collins Industries and Halcore Group to form Allied Specialty Vehicles. On February 2, 2010, Heartland Recreational Vehicles acquired the remaining active brands of towable brands from Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.

Who bought Fleetwood?

Fleetwood RV is part of REV Group, Inc.a leader in the automotive industry serving the bus, emergency, leisure and specialty markets.

Why did Fleetwood RV go out of business?

Fleetwood is affected along with other RV manufacturers a sharp drop in sales caused by several years of high petrol prices and exacerbated by the current recession. In addition, the credit crunch has made it difficult for Fleetwood customers to obtain credit.