How much is a 1968 3 Dogs album worth?

Three Dog NightBest 20th Century$10
Three Dog Nightbest 4$21 – $75
Three Dog NightThe best of three dogs night$2 – $104
Three Dog NightBlack and white$1 – $62

How do I know if my album is worth money?

Label Variations

One album, 6 labels. One is worth $10; one is worth $10,000! A key factor in determining the value of a record is the label on the record itself. A given album or single may have been released with several different labels on the disc itself, even between releases from the same record label.

Which 60’s records are worth money?

  • (10cc) Graham Gouldman – The Graham Gouldman Thing US Stereo Promotional LP. …
  • (Allman Brothers) Hour Glass – The Hour Glass Sealed 1967 Stereo LP. …
  • (Beatles) Louise Harrison Caldwell – All About the Beatles sealed 1964 LP. …
  • (ELO) Idle Race – The Birthday Party US LP with Jeff Lynne.

Which old albums are worth money?

  • Elvis Presley, “That’s All Right” (1954) …
  • The Beatles, Please Please Me (1963) …
  • Miles Davis, Kind of Blue (1959)
  • The Who, ‘The Who Sell Out’ (1967) …
  • Nirvana, ‘Bleach’ (1989) …
  • XTC, “Science Friction” (1977) …
  • David Bowie, “The Most Beautiful Star” (1973)

Who buys old albums?

  1. Discogs. The internet has made it so much easier to reach more people with the products you sell. …
  2. eBay. eBay is another popular online marketplace for selling your vinyls online. …
  3. Nationwide record stores. …
  4. Local record stores. …
  5. Sell ​​directly to local buyers. …
  6. your site.

Are albums from the 60s and 70s worth anything?

And generally speaking The most valuable are rare records from the 60s and 70s (the “golden era” of music), of which only a few hundred copies were pressed (even if this band is largely unknown), which in some cases run into four figures. Also, singles are in many cases more valuable than EPs and LPs.

Which records are worth the most money?

  • The Beatles: Yesterday & Today – $125,000. …
  • John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy – $150,000. …
  • The Beatles: Sgt…
  • Elvis Presley: “My Happiness” – $300,000. …
  • The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) – $790,000. …
  • Wu Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – $2 million.

Are old 78 records worth anything?

He said that On average, a rare Jazz 78 could sell for $1,500 to $5,000while sales of a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

What is the rarest 45 record?

Frank Wilson, Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) 45 rpm in plain case: $37,000. There are only two known copies of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), a rare 45rpm northern soul track by Frank Wilson, one of which sold for $37,000 in 2009.

What is the rarest record?

2015, White Album No. 000001, which Ringo Starr had kept in good condition for nearly 50 years, was auctioned for $790,000. This first copy of the White Album is the most valuable and rarest vinyl record in the world.

Are vinyl albums worth money?

Valuable LPs are diverse and cover a wide range of genres. In terms of how much they’re worth, some have enduring value, while other valuable records fluctuate in price based on buying trends, band anniversaries, and other notable events, including the death of an artist.

How much is the white album worth?

5 copy 0000001 of The Beatles aka The White Album sold at Julien’s auction for $790,000, a new world record for a vinyl record at auction. Early estimates for the item established its value between $40,000 and $60,000an estimated collector’s demand easily exceeded.

What to do with old records?

  1. Sell ​​old records on eBay. …
  2. Sell ​​records at a flea market or flea market. …
  3. Place an ad in your local newspaper or in your local section of Craigslist. …
  4. Call your local library and see if they accept record donations.

Who wants old record albums?

For more than 15 years DJ Records USA engages in the business of purchasing used LP, 45, 78 and 12 inch singles from thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the United States. We buy truckloads of records from collectors, DJs, audiophiles, music industry executives and estates.

How do you know if an album is original?

A closer look at the back of the record sleeve also helps to determine whether it is an original pressing. Original pressings usually have a combination of four letters and numbers like WXYZ-1234. Other records after the second or third press have two letter and five number combinations, such as B. XY-12345.

How much are Elvis 45 records worth?

Elvis Presley’s complete Sun Records 45s could be yours $32,500.

How do I sell my old records?

One of the best (and fastest) ways to sell your records is over Take them to your local record or music store. Record stores often have collections of used records for sale. New record lovers and longtime collectors trying to build their collection will both buy used records from record stores.

How much are Elvis Presley records worth?

Elvis – Elvis Presley: up to $1,000

However, certain records are worth a pretty penny. Keep an eye out for mono copies of The King’s debut album. Copies can sell for up to $1,000.

Does anyone buy old 78 records?

Our 78 buyer has 30 years of experience in buying and selling 78s. He has acquired large ’78 collections in the US and abroad, conducted worldwide mail order auctions and fixed price sales during this period and will share his knowledge of the ’78 market in an honest, no-nonsense evaluation of your collection.

What is the most valuable 78 record?

Tommy Johnson’s 1930’s “Alcohol and Jake Blues” Cut costs $37,100 on eBay. An original blues release from Paramount Records became the most expensive 78rpm record ever sold after a buyer paid $37,100 in an online auction.

Does anyone collect old 78 records?

Yes! Music-related materials are gladly accepted for physical storage. We currently only digitize popular 10″ 78rpm music recordings. You are welcome to donate 10″ and 12″ classic recordings, LPs, 45s etc., but we are currently not digitizing them.