How much does a Travel Card cost in Copenhagen?

City Pass Small for 24 hours costs 80 DKK while a single ticket from the airport costs 36 DKK. You can pre-order the City Pass here: – all the information you need is also available on this page.

How much do bus tickets cost in Copenhagen?

The ticket costs only 130 DKK for adults and 65 DKK for children under 16 years. Accompanying children under the age of 12 travel for free. If you need unlimited public transport access to and from the airport and central Copenhagen, buy a City Pass.

How much does a bus ticket cost in Denmark?

Long travels
For 30 days1470 DKK2340 DKK
number of zones1722
For 30 daysDKK 28503360 DKK
number of zones2530

Is it worth buying a Copenhagen Card?

So is the Copenhagen Card worth the money? For me the answer is yes. You’ll save a lot of money if you plan to visit more than one or two of Copenhagen’s top attractions. The fact that transport is also included makes it even cheaper.

Can you use cash in Copenhagen?

Cash, credit cards and mobile banking apps are accepted in Denmark, so you don’t need much cash, especially in Copenhagen. However, if you intend to travel beyond the greater Copenhagen area on your trip to Denmark, you will need a small amount of cash for things like local buses and toilets.

How much does the 24-hour Copenhagen Card cost?

24 hours72 hours
Copenhagen Card (adult)399739
Copenhagen Card (child)199369

Where can you buy the Copenhagen Card?

You can buy the Copenhagen Card at the service desk in Terminal 3 at the airport – and it applies to transportation from the airport to the city center.

What is included in the Copenhagen City Pass?

  • CopenHill Ski Slope | 220 DKK.
  • Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour| 210 DKK.
  • Hop On Hop Off Boat Tour | 105 DKK.
  • Panoramic Sightseeing Bus Tour | 345 DKK.
  • Tower of the Church of the Redeemer | 50 DKK.
  • Christiansborg Palace | 160 DKK.
  • The National Museum | 80 DKK.
  • Copenhagen Zoo | DKK 195,-.

Is public transport in Denmark free?

Free use of public transport with the Copenhagen Card

With a Copenhagen Card in hand, you don’t have to worry about zones and ticket prices as you get unlimited transport throughout the capital region (including to/from Copenhagen Airport). Learn more.

How much is a train ticket from Copenhagen Airport to Central Station?

It costs 36 DKK (about 4.8 euros) for an adult single ticket from the airport to the city center. Tickets are valid on the bus, train and subway. Two children under 12 travel free when accompanied by a paying adult.

How much does the metro in Copenhagen cost?

Here is some useful information about the Copenhagen metro fares: The basic card costs 20 DKK (€2.70) for adults and 10 DKK (€1.40) for children. Normal tickets are valid for one hour on all three modes of transport (bus, metro and tram). One ticket per trip is also available and is valid for 10 trips.

Does Copenhagen have a subway?

The Copenhagen Metro (Danish: Københavns Metro, pronounced [kʰøpm̩ˈhɑwns ˈme̝ːtsʰʁo]) is a 24-hour public transit system in Copenhagen, Denmarkserving the municipalities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Tårnby.

How do you pay for buses in Denmark?

How do you pay for buses in Denmark? The payment option varies depending on where you are traveling to in Denmark. For almost every trip you can Buy a ticket online and there are ticket machines at the train stations and you can pay with Danish coins on some city buses. You can also pay with cards on intercity buses.

How to get around Copenhagen?

The best way to get around Copenhagen is on foot and by bike, especially when the weather cooperates. When you’re tired (or cold), you’ll find a modern public transport system with underground lines, extensive bus routes, and an easy-to-navigate train network. Taxis are plentiful but at a cost.

What’s free with the Copenhagen Card?

You get free unlimited public transport in the Copenhagen area (zone 1-99), including Copenhagen Airport (zone 4). With the Copenhagen Card you can use the metro, red suburban trains, regional trains (coast line to Elsinore/Helsingør and train to Roskilde), buses and harbor buses.

How much is a taxi from Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen?

It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the city center by taxi and costs about 250-350 DKKdepending on traffic.

Does the Copenhagen Card include Tivoli rides?

You can visit once a day for free with the card, including Fridays. Only entry is includedyou can pay for rides separately or buy a wristband for access to all rides.

How much money do I need per day in Copenhagen?

For budget travelers, it costs about $70-$120/day Visit Copenhagen. These prices are based on what you need to comfortably visit the city as a budget traveller. If you want to upgrade your accommodation, you need to add another $100 to $200 per night depending on the accommodation.

How many days should I stay in Copenhagen?

How many days in Copenhagen – The short answer. Travelers who include Copenhagen in a broader itinerary will usually find this to be the case 3 days is a good starting point. If Copenhagen is more of a detour than a destination, 2 days is enough. 4+ days is recommended for anyone considering the city as a top priority.

Can I use euros in Copenhagen?

The euro is not widely accepted in Denmark. However, you can pay with euros in department stores, tourist shops, taxis, etc. Please inquire about the exchange rate and in taxis you should ask the driver before boarding.

Do cruise ships go to Denmark?

Award-winning cruises to Denmark. Denmark is a country that combines natural beauty, historical sites and modern design in an excellent way. On a Denmark cruise you can experience it for yourself as you disembark at one of the captivating ports of call and spend time in the towns or in the countryside.

Is entry to the Tivoli Gardens free?

The amusement park that inspired Walt Disney

This makes it one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and it is right in the heart of the city. Enjoy free entry to the park with the Copenhagen City Pass.

Is Denmark a country?

Denmark, a small country is one of the three Scandinavian countries with around 5.5 million inhabitants. The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world.

Where are the Christmas markets in Copenhagen?

In 2022, many markets will open from mid-November. The Christmas market at Højbro Plads is Copenhagen’s best Christmas market, but Hans Christian Andersen’s Christmas market at Nytorv and the Julemarked Kongens Nytorv are also fun.