How come Michael Myers doesn t talk?

According to the curse, Michael is to kill every single member in his entire bloodline, which will supposedly end the curse. As a result, folks believe that because of the curse’s tight grip on him, Michael refuses to speak and instead keeps his focus solely on murder.

Who would win Jason or Michael?

Verdict: Jason Voorhees Is Stronger Than Michael Myers
32 Jason’s immense strength and ability to keep killing no matter the circumstances show that he can withstand a full-on assault from Michael. Considering his one weakness depends on location, he also has a greater chance of coming out on top.

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Who was Michael Myers first victim?

Michael Myers first appears in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) as a young boy who murders his sister, Judith Myers, and then, fifteen years later, returns home to murder more teenagers.

Is Michael Myers all human?

Fans have made the point that Michael Myers has survived a number of brutal attacks, from a hail of bullets to multiple stabbings, that could hint he is an indestructible force. But Green assures that he is still human, one who is simply resilient and whose thirst for murder keeps him alive.

Why did Michael Myers turn evil?

It is revealed that Michael’s reason for targeting his own family, as well as the source of his supernatural strength, was a curse placed on him by the Thorn Cult. The curse of Thorn tasks the bearer to sacrifice his/her own family on Halloween night to spare the community from death and natural disasters.

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Why is Michael Myers obsessed with Laurie?

In Rick Rosenthal’s 1981 follow-up, Laurie Strode struggles to know why she was targeted, and the answer, according to Carpenter and Hill’s script, is that she is actually his biological sister. That’s why Michael followed her to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital; he was repeating history.

Does Michael Myers ever show his face?

Technically, Michael Myers was unmasked throughout the beginning of Halloween (2018), but the front of his face was never shown. Here, in Halloween Kills, audiences get to see part of the front but mostly a side profile of Michael Myers’ face.


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How did Michael Myers get crazy?

As a child, Michael was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for the murder of his older sister, Judith Myers. After 15 years of captivity, Myers broke out of the asylum and started his killing spree, with the intention to murder his remaining family relatives and anyone who would get in his way.

What mental disorder did Michael Myers have?

His disorders
32 Michael has a disorder called catatonia. Michael Myers is sometimes disabled from moving whenever he either sits or stands. This makes sense because it explains why Michael walks after his victims rather than running.

Does Michael Myers have a kid?

“They’re remarkably unexcited about anything [I do],” says Myers. “You know, which is great.” Myers shares three children, daughters Paulina, 6, and Sunday, 8, plus son Spike, 10, with wife Kelly Tisdale.

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How did Jamie get pregnant in Halloween?

It should be noted that in The Producer’s Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, it is heavily implied that the Cult of Thorn forced Michael to rape Jamie and got her pregnant, resulting in him being the father of the baby.

Why does Michael Myers like his mask?

Zombie’s version attempts to ground Michael’s story in the sadly ordinary horrors of familial abuse and psychosis. He develops a fixation for masks after his murder spree as a child, making them out of papier-mâché in the asylum before his escape.

Michael Myers actually talks!

Who did Michael Myers have a baby with?

Jamie was kidnapped by a bunch of evil druids who protect Michael Myers. And now, six years later, Jamie has escaped after giving birth to Michael’s child. She runs to Haddonfield to get Dr. Loomis to help her again.

Why is Michael Myers special?

Supernatural Survivability: Because he’s immortal, Michael can survive any situation such as being hit by a car, getting shot repeatedly, or being in an explosion.

Can Michael Myers talks?

Michael does not speak in the films; the first time audiences ever hear his voice is in the 2007 Rob Zombie reboot. Michael speaks as a child at the beginning of the film, but while in Smith’s Grove he stops talking completely.

Why is Michael Myers blind in one eye?

Even though many people believe that Michael Myers’ face was deformed by his left eye, it was really supposed to have represented the injury that he had sustained when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) stabbed him in the eye with the close hanger.

Does Michael Myers ever say anything?

1) Michael Myers always wears his mask — and he never, ever speaks. You rarely see him without his mask in any of the films. The Shatner masks have become the stuff of horror film legend. As for his voice, you only hear him speak in one film in which his childhood is explored — before he became a monster.

What did Michael Myers sister do to him?

Michael’s story starts on Halloween in 1968 when he is six-years-old and his sister Judith is babysitting him. Rather than taking him trick or treating, or even looking after him, Judith chooses to have sex with her boyfriend.

Does Myers ever talk?

Do we ever hear Michael Myers talk? Michael does not speak in the films; the first time audiences ever hear his voice is in the 2007 Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie
Matthew Montgomery (born November 16, 1975), also known as Piggy D., is an American musician most famous as a guitarist in horror punk band Wednesday 13 and bassist for Rob Zombie. › wiki › Piggy_D

reboot. Michael speaks as a child at the beginning of the film, but while in Smith’s Grove he stops talking completely.

Does Michael Myers have emotions?

He has a reason. This brings me to my next topic: Michael Myers does in fact have feelings, and he has a need for affection, like we all do.

Why does Michael Myers turn his head?

That film found Castle’s Myers killing the unfortunate Bob (John Michael Graham) by stabbing him with a knife and then tilting his masked head, as if to admire his demented handiwork.

Is Michael Myers just a normal human?

Indeed, Halloween Ends revealing that Michael is just a normal person who’s slowly dying like everyone else is actually a brilliant twist – and not a counterpoint – to Michael’s mysterious supernatural origin.

Why doesn t Michael Myers feel pain?

While there is a congenital medical condition that causes an individual to have an insensitivity to pain, it is high improbable that Michael Myers has such a condition. The medical anomaly is a peripheral neuropathy that affects the nervous system and causes an individual to not feel pain.

Why does Michael Myers want her?

The sadistic killer basically becomes fascinated with killing Laurie throughout subsequent installments – including Halloween Kills – because she’s the one that got away. By taking him down temporarily and living to tell the tale in the original, the two are tied together.

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