Was Laurie cheating on Rick?

In the concluding sequence of the episode, Lori admits to Rick that she had an affair with Shane in the belief that her husband was dead.

Why does Carl shoot Lori?

So, the main reason that Carl killed his mother is because he loved her and did not want to see her turn into some sort of monster. Therefore, for that reason, Carl Grimes was right to shoot his mother. Additionally, Carl shot his mother because he did not want her to hurt any humans, including his own family.

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Does Rick ever forgive Lori?

Moreover, Rick was later beside himself with grief when Lori died because he never got to reconcile with her.

Was Lori sleeping with Shane before the outbreak?

In “The Walking Dead” was Shane sleeping with Lori right from the beginning, even before the outbreak? Nope. At least in the TV show, it’s well-established that Shane and Lori didn’t start sleeping together till after the Zombie Apocalypse had started.

Does Rick know Lori slept with Shane?

The Hollywood Reporter: Rick now knows about Shane and Lori. Lori and Rick tell Shane as much? Robert Kirkman: It’s a big revelation that Rick now knows about the affair. Whether or not he’s going to be confronting Shane immediately or whether that’s going to continue to be bubbling below the surface, we’ll find out.

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Why is Lori mad at Shane?

Rick and the survivors return to the camp and he meets his wife Lori and his son Carl. Lori does not tell him about her affair with Shane and is upset and angry with Shane, since he told her that Rick was dead.

Did Carl shoot Lori?

Carl Kills Lori (Season 3, Episode 4)
One of the most brutal things Carl has ever had to do was kill his mom. While in labor at the prison, Lori bravely tells Carl to watch over Rick and the baby. Maggie then performs an emergency C-section, which kills Lori but saves baby Judith.

Is Lori’s baby Shane’s or Ricks?

Yes, Rick has known all along that his daughter with Lori actually belonged to his best friend Shane. Here’s the speech Rick gave to Michonne during the big reveal: I had a friend. I don’t talk about him.

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Does Rick know the baby isn’t his?

“He raised her, she grew up with him, and I definitely don’t think it would change anything. That’s her daddy.” On season seven, episode four of “TWD,” Rick shockingly revealed to his partner, Michonne (Danai Gurira), that he knew that the daughter he was raising likely wasn’t his own.

What did Shane whisper to Rick?

We also finally learned what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC: everyone is infected. It doesn’t matter if you get bit or scratched by a zombie: if you die, you become a walker.

How long was Rick in a coma after Shane left?

In an interview with Business Insider, the Fear the Walking Dead showrunner explained that Robert Kirkman, co-creator of The Walking Dead, has said that Rick Grimes was in his coma for between four and five weeks, or a little over a month.

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What did Shane do to Lori?

CON: Shane Attacked Lori
She tries to push him away, which leads him to physically fighting against her and attempting to rape her. He stops, horrified when she scratches him, but the irreparable damage is done.

Does Lori get pregnant with Shane’s baby?

TV Series. Lori Grimes became pregnant with Shane Walsh’s child at the start of the apocalypse. She later gave birth to a daughter, Judith, but not before dying during a Cesarean Section.

Did Shane get Rick’s wife pregnant?

Even Jon Bernthal, who played Shane, said back at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in 2013 (on the eve of Season 4’s premiere) that Judith is “100 percent Shane’s baby.” In the comics, the general consensus is that Judith was Shane’s child and not Rick’s, but Robert Kirkman never clarified one way or another.

What mental illness does Shane have TWD?

So in summary, Shane has a high-strung, active personality, low regard for the concerns of others, and fearless to the point of reckless. In short, he’s your classic case of Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 1: Rick’s wife and child Beth

Do Rick and Lori break up?

So, while Kirkman never acted on his plans to break up his heroes via argument, Rick and Lori’s relationship would end with her tragic death.

Was Shane obsessed with Lori?

Shane was obsessed with Lori, and his priority was to ensure he would get her back at any cost. Shane had the potential to be a great leader as his leadership abilities and combat training would be beneficial during an apocalypse.

How did Shane betray Rick?

Shane’s Betrayal
When Rick made his way to his family after waking up from his coma, he soon learned that not only was Shane having an affair with his wife, but she was pregnant with Shane’s child.

Did Shane care about Rick?

Already having problems with his wife, Lori, well before the undead started chomping on brains, it’s revealed that Rick’s best friend and coworker, Shane, has been “taking care” of Rick’s family in his absence.

Who did Rick’s wife cheat on him with?

In the concluding sequence of the episode, Lori admits to Rick that she had an affair with Shane in the belief that her husband was dead.

What mental illness does Shane have?

Shane has openly discussed his own mental health struggles, especially with anxiety.

Did Shane assault Lori?

During the night, Shane gets drunk and attempts to rape Lori, but she fights back. The group learns that the CDC is running on emergency power, and will be destroyed when the fuel runs out as a means to destroy the infectious samples, and they are forced to flee just before that happens.

Who slept with Rick’s wife in The Walking Dead?

The Grimes Love Triangle is a dynamic between Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes and Shane Walsh. After Rick is believed to be dead, Lori and Shane begin a sexual relationship. However, when Rick finds his way back to the Atlanta Survivor Camp, this affair is quickly broken up leaving Shane somewhat scorn.

Did Shane sleep with Rick’s wife?

Lori then reveals that she slept with Shane while he was in a coma, but Rick says that he already knew, and walks off…

Did Lori love Shane more than Rick?

Kirkman: Very much so. Lori is definitely having problems with the fact that she has feelings for Shane. She definitely loves Rick and possibly has stronger feelings for him but this is a guy who very much part of their family before apocalypse and was pretty much all that was left.

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