FAQ: What did Reverend Sykes say about the court?

What does Reverend Sykes say about his experience in court? He says he’s never seen it “Every jury decides in favor of a black man over a white man.‘ While everyone is waiting for the verdict, Scout is getting a certain impression.

What is Reverend Sykes asking Scout to do in the courthouse?

Reverend Sykes, the minister of the First Purchase African Methodist-Episcopal Church, asked Scout to stand at the end of the trial to show her respect for Atticus’ spirited defense of Tom Robinson.

What does Reverend Sikes say to Scout as Atticus exits the courtroom?

All around us and on the balcony on the opposite wall, the negroes got up.” This gesture shows their deep respect for Atticus. Reverend Sykes makes it clear when he tells Scout, “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. your father is over “What are the black onlookers doing when Atticus leaves the courtroom?

Why does Reverend Sykes think the children should leave the courthouse?

Reverend Sykes sees Scout and Jem in the courtroom and notes that they have no seats. He tells them there is no seating downstairs and offers them seats upstairs on the balcony with the rest of Maycomb’s African American population. That’s why Reverend Sykes thinks Scout should go.

Why is Reverend Sykes concerned that Jem and Scout are in the courtroom?

This is due to the adult content discussed in the trial version. This is a rape trial and as such the Reverend felt the subject matter was inappropriate for young children, perhaps even Jem.

Why doesn’t Rev Sykes make her go?

Why doesn’t Rev. Sykes make her go? I think the Reverend Sykes felt Scout and Jem had a right to hear their father speak up for what was right. They had to experience how special and courageous their father is.

Which animal would Taylor judge?

Scout calls Judge Taylor “a sleepy old shark” (16.105), and it’s apt: he may seem flustered most of the time, but he’s in some way disruptive to his court, and he’s like a shark eating fish meat. While he appears fairly balanced in court, his personal views on the Robinson case are expressed in more subtle ways.

What is the meaning of Reverend Sykes’ words at the end of chapter 21?

Revered Sykes tells Scout to get up as Atticus walks past them. He wants her to show respect, but she doesn’t understand why he wants her to stand up. It shows readers that Atticus is upset and feels defeated.

What did the Reverend Sykes mean when he said your father died?

Sykes tells Scout to get up as well because her father is coming over; He not only shows Atticus but also Scout the respect they all have for their father and the work he has done for them.

Who said Miss Jean Louise get up?

Quote from Harper Lee: “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father is gone.”

Is Reverend Sykes black or white?

As Scout, Jem and Dill watch the Robinson trial from the “colored” balcony, the only African American who speaks to them, or is even named, is the Reverend Sykes.

How old is Mayella in TKAM?

At just 19, Mayella is responsible for raising her younger siblings. She doesn’t go to school with her peers, which means she probably doesn’t have many friends.

What is Atticus asking Mayella to admit?

What did Mayella ask Tom to help her with on the night in question? What is Atticus asking Mayella to do? Admitting that there was no rape and that her father hit her. How does Mayella respond to Atticus’ requests?

Why is Judge Taylor refusing to vacate the courtroom?

Because they don’t understand the words they’re saying and they don’t understand what’s going on. 17.5 Judge Taylor refuses to close the courtroom, saying, “People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen to, and they have the right to expose their children to it.” What does he mean by that?

How does Rev Sykes anticipate the verdict?

Reverend Sykes has more experience of the separate world and gently warns him that things may not go as he hoped. The reverend’s testimony indicates that Tom will likely still be convicted and die, despite the evidence being in his favour.

What does Jem think the verdict will be? Why does he believe that, why does Reverend Sykes disagree?

Jem believes the verdict will be that Tom Robinson is not guilty. He thinks so because he believes there is no way the jury could convict what was said throughout the case. Reverend Sykes disagrees because he doesn’t think a colored man could win a case against a white man.