Does Rite Aid sell stamps? (cost, different stamp types, + more)

You need stamps to mail anything, so you might be wondering if you can save yourself a trip to the post office by stopping at another stamp shop like Rite Aid.

While Rite Aid is traditionally known as a pharmacy, it also sells a variety of other things. So read on to find out if stamps are one of them!

Will Rite Aid sell stamps in 2022?

Rite Aid currently sells stamps, although in 2022 you will have to buy them by the issue. You have to ask the cashier for stamps to buy as the shop doesn’t keep them on the shelves. Additionally, Rite Aid often sells envelopes as well, although the store lacks larger packaging materials like bubble wrap and boxes.

Read on below for information on the types of stamps you can purchase from Rite Aid, as well as other stores in your area that may stock stamps!

Can you buy postage from Rite Aid?

Rite Aid is first and foremost a pharmacy. However, it also sells a variety of other products, including groceries and cosmetics, and usually postage is included in this category.

While postage isn’t typically something you’d imagine at a pharmacy, most local Rite Aids carry stamps.

Still, buying postage is a bit confusing as not all stores have them on display.

As such, you may have to ask a clerk to pick them up for you, as some stores say they keep them behind the checkout.

If so, you can request them at checkout.

What type of stamps does Rite Aid sell?

Different stamps are available at different times. As such, the exact stamps that Rite Aid sells vary widely from store to store.

In many cases, Rite Aid sells entire booklets, typically containing 20 stamps.

However, you can sometimes buy stamps in sets of six. It just depends on what the store is selling at the moment, which also has something to do with what the Post is currently offering.

If you need to purchase an exact number of stamps, it’s worth calling ahead to see what the store has.

Usually, Rite Aid only sells traditional stamps. For specialty envelopes and similar items, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

How much do stamps cost at Rite Aid?

Stamps at Rite Aid usually cost a little more than if you bought them directly from the post office.

When the post office sells stamps to the store, they charge the same price they normally charge customers who buy directly from them.

Therefore, in order to make money, Rite Aid has to charge a little more.

Fortunately, it is usually only a few cents above the usual stamp price. In many cases, this small additional price is more than worth it to customers when they make a purchase.

Overall, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to go straight to the post office.

Where can I buy stamps next to the post office?

Even if you don’t decide to buy stamps from Rite Aid, there are a number of other shops that also sell stamps.

Of course you can also drive to the post office to buy stamps.

However, this is not always necessary in the slightest. There are usually many shops near you that also sell stamps.

Here is a short list of places that usually carry stamps:

  • Walmart
  • CV
  • target
  • banks
  • gas stations
  • drugstores
  • staples
  • office max

Of course, it’s a good idea to order in advance to make sure your local store currently has them in stock.

Normally these shops do not issue stamps. Instead, you have to ask for it at the checkout.

Usually they only sell booklets that contain at least 20 stamps.

Does Rite Aid sell other shipping methods?

Rite Aid does not have the largest inventory of shipping supplies such as B. Packaging.

However, Rite Aid usually sells at least envelopes. For more complicated packaging materials, you often have to go to another store.

Usually the UPS store and post office sells packing materials. However, you can also find some packaging materials at Staples and similar office stores.

As always, call ahead to make sure the store has what you’re looking for. Otherwise you might be disappointed when you get there.

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You can usually find stamps at your local Rite Aid, although you should call ahead just to be sure.

In many cases you have to ask the cashier to get them for you as they are not kept on the shelf. For most packaging materials, you’ll have to look elsewhere.