Does Rite Aid accept Apple Pay? (All you need to know)

Apple Pay is a very convenient payment method that is completely contactless. It has recently become increasingly popular when using cards or money is not optimal.

However, Apple Pay is not widely accepted as it is relatively new. Read on to find out if Rite Aid accepts Apple Pay and how to use it!

Will Rite Aid accept Apple Pay in 2022?

Most Rite Aid stores will accept Apple Pay in 2022. You can use Apple Pay like any other payment method at Rite Aid. The process is mostly like any other business. You can also use Apple Pay when shopping online at Rite Aid. Simply select Apple Pay when checking out.

Read on to learn more about using Apple Pay with Rite Aid, as well as potential limits you might encounter!

Can I use Apple Pay with Rite Aid?

You can use Apple Pay at most Rite Aid stores. For security, you can look for the Apple Pay icon on the card reader.

If you want to use Apple Pay, it’s highly recommended to call ahead to make sure the store near you specifically uses it, as it can vary slightly from place to place.

With this feature, you can easily pay for your groceries and medicines without having to deal with other cards or cash. In addition, Apple Pay is extremely safe to use.

How do I use Apple Pay with Rite Aid?

Apple Pay can be used in most Rite Aid stores. However, you can use it on the company website where you can choose from thousands of items available for delivery.

Simply select Apple Pay during checkout and the transaction will be processed.

In addition, it is very similar to using Apple Pay in stores.

To use Apple Pay when shopping in stores, double-click the side button and wait for the default card to appear.

In this case, look at the iPhone so it can use Face ID to authenticate your payment.

If you can’t use Face ID for one reason or another, you can also use your Touch ID or enter your PIN.

Place your phone or watch near the payment reader so it can read your payment. When authentication is complete, you should see a check mark on the screen.

You should hear a beep or ping when the payment method goes through.

You can also change your default map by clicking on the default map and then selecting a different map from the options.

Again, you’ll need to authenticate your purchase after selecting the card.

Is there a payment limit at Rite Aid?

You should be able to use as much money with your Apple Pay as you would normally be able to use with your chosen card.

However, some card issuers may place restrictions on Apple Pay purchases. But that has nothing to do with Rite Aid.

Instead, it’s a simple security measure that companies have put in place to prevent Apple Pay theft.

In some cases, you may also be asked to sign a receipt if the purchase exceeds a certain amount. This extra step also helps prevent identity theft.

However, the specifics of these usage safety steps depend on the Rite Aid shop and the card you are using. Different companies have different requirements.

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Rite Aid accepts Apple Pay in most locations, and you can use it for online purchases too. However, it is recommended to call ahead to make sure your local shop will accept this.

Although most stores accept Apple Pay, that doesn’t mean all do as some of them may not have the software, especially in rural areas.

There may be a few specifics to consider when purchasing groceries from Rite Aid. In some cases, card companies may limit the amount you can purchase with Apple Pay in one transaction.