Does CVS use Telecheck or Certegy? (Full Guide)

Several retailers in the US use check validation services such as Telecheck and Certegy to avoid accepting fraudulent or invalid checks.

Since CVS also accepts checks, you may be wondering whether CVS uses Telecheck or Certegy. Here’s a complete guide with everything you need to know.

Will CVS use Telecheck or Certegy in 2022?

CVS will use Telecheck as a third party for check verification starting in 2022. When you conduct a check-based transaction with CVS, Telecheck performs a background analysis of your personal information along with your past banking activity and any unpaid debts to avoid voiding checks.

Want to learn more about why and how CVS uses Telecheck and why your checks are being rejected? Continue reading!

Why does CVS use Telecheck?

Like any other retailer that uses check validation services, CVS uses Telecheck to prevent monetary losses on its part caused by accepting fraudulent and invalid checks.

Because CVS is not directly affiliated with financial institutions, Telecheck helps CVS manage the risks associated with accepting such checks by conducting background checks and conducting risk management.

This means that the check remains a secure means of payment for you and your customers.

How does CVS use Telecheck to verify your check?

Whenever you deposit a check for a transaction with CVS, your check goes through an authorized verification system.

Upon acceptance, you will receive a receipt that you can use to confirm your payment.

Finally, you will receive a copy of your transaction for record keeping along with the service provider’s contact information (in case you encounter any problems or need additional information about the transaction you made).

Why would Telecheck reject your check at CVS?

If your check was declined by Telecheck at a CVS pharmacy, Telecheck has one of the following three main reasons why Telecheck declines checks:

  • Telecheck stores a history of bank account debts or unpaid checks on your part.
  • Your check may have been declined due to Telecheck’s Risk Decisioning analysis tool.
  • Or Telecheck simply doesn’t contain enough personal information about you to pass your exam.

How can you ensure that your check will be accepted by Telecheck at CVS?

By providing Telecheck with all the information you need and helping them keep your files up to date, you can greatly improve your chances of getting your checks accepted. Such as:

  • your social security number.
  • Your driver’s license number along with the state that issued it.
  • The record numbers of all your previously declined checks.
  • The bank numbers listed at the bottom of your check.
  • Or other additional information requested by the company.

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CVS uses Telecheck to avoid accepting fraudulent and invalid checks. Your check may be declined by Telecheck due to insufficient information, a history of unpaid debt and an adverse banking history, or due to the “risk decisioning” analyzes used by the service.

To ensure that your checks will be accepted by CVS in the future, help Telecheck update your files by providing any additional information required.