15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Fruits And Vegetables (Are They Fresh And More)

Costco has made its mark in the grocery store by selling in bulk at incredibly low prices, but are these fruits and veggies worth it?

If you want to find out, read below for 15 Things You Should Know Before Buying Costco Fruits and Vegetables!

15 Things You Should Know Before Buying Costco Fruits and Vegetables in 2022

1. There is fresh fruit and veg from Costco.

Costco is a purveyor of fine, fresh fruit and vegetables. In fact, Costco houses an entire fruit and veg section with fruits and veggies that are considered very premium.

For example, a Costco employee in Minnesota stated, “Our produce department is one of the best in the business.”

2. Costco also carries organic fruits and vegetables

MomOnTheClock has released their list of the best organic products you can pick up at Costco.

Some of these products include the following:

  • strawberries
  • spinach
  • apples
  • Grapes
  • cherries
  • tomatoes

Note that these are all shellless items, the skin of which, if sprayed with pesticides, will most likely be eaten by us.

3. Costco fruits and vegetables are great at prices

Organic or not, the prices for fruits and vegetables in Costco’s grocery department are quite reasonable, often lower than in a typical grocery store.

For example, at Costco, a bag of romaine lettuce hearts costs 75 cents each (you get six), while at Kroger, a bag of three hearts for $3.75 means you pay $1.16 each.

Also, bananas cost 56 cents a pound at Costco, while they cost 59 cents a pound at Kroger.

In the organic space, a pack of baby carrots is only $1.37 per pound at Costco, while organic baby carrots are $1.49 per pound at Kroger.

However, Costco doesn’t always have the lowest prices, as broccoli stock costs $1.99 per pound, while Kroger manages to undercut Costco at $1.89 per pound in this case.

You’ll find other small instances where this is true, but for the most part, you get a lot when you buy your products at Costco.

4. You buy a lot of fruits and vegetables from Costco at once

There’s one big, globally recognized caveat about buying Costco fruits and vegetables: It’s a warehouse, a department store, and so does your produce.

In other words, if you want baby carrots, you have to buy two pounds at a time.

5. Only buy the Costco fruits and vegetables you know you’re going to eat

Unless you’re shopping for a party or have a large family, only shop at Costco’s produce department if you’re sure you’ll eat it all.

If you don’t, you’ll end up throwing it away, as it can be difficult to eat or cook such large amounts before the food starts to turn.

6. Employees might warn you not to buy Costco fruits and vegetables

Costco employees have spoken out about buying fruit and veg from the store. In fact, in an article for The List, a Costco executive called buying the chain’s products “a waste of money.”

Ultimately, though, walking into Costco’s fruit and veg department with the same attitude you would have when buying fruit and veg at a regular grocery store is just a waste.

7. Some Costco fruits and vegetables are known to last longer than others

Some websites may warn you against buying Costco avocados (you can get five for $6.49), but Reader’s Digest thinks they’re a great buy.

The reason, they report, is that Costco has partnered with Apeel Sciences to improve the shelf life of this delicious fruit.

Costco avocados now last twice as long as others, which — if you’re an avocado enthusiast — makes using them a lot less frantic before they start to rot.

8. Try some of Costco’s tropical fruits and vegetables

In addition to regular fruit, Costco also carries tropical fruits like kiwis and plantains, both of which Costco sells and are worth picking up the next time you visit a store.

9. Ready-made vegetable peels at Costco’s fruit and vegetable department

Costco’s fruit and veg department is also packed with handy options, such as B. their pre-cut vegetable bowls with ranch dressing.

You get a full 18 oz. (just over a pound) dipable, fresh deliciousness perfect for a family snack or impromptu get together.

10. You can buy individual mini watermelons at Costco’s fruit and vegetable department

Costco sells adorable mini watermelons (and seedless ones), so if you’re just one person or a small family, you won’t have a hard time finishing one.

11. You can buy and freeze garlic from Costco

Since Costco sells garlic in a two-pound bag, you might be thinking, “How am I going to use all that garlic before it goes bad?”

However, the magic of garlic is that you can freeze it! You can even peel off cloves when you use them and put the rest of the onion back in the freezer for storage.

12. There are some fresh Costco fruits and vegetables that you should avoid

Shopping experts say the foods listed below are some of the shorter-shelf-life items at Costco that are likely to go bad before you eat them all:

  • spinach
  • berries (especially if they are ripe when you buy them)
  • Peaches (these can overripe and spoil quickly)
  • Asparagus (if you haven’t smelled rotten asparagus from your vegetable drawer, avoid the inconvenience by skipping this vegetable at Costco)

13. Some organic Costco fruits and vegetables are grown by the company

Costco actually owns organic farms, so some of the products you buy are grown by Costco farmers. Not only is this a more reassuring process from farm to shelf, but it also helps Costco keep its organic prices low.

14. When you order Costco fruits and vegetables online, be selective

You can order your groceries at Costco online with Instacart, but did you know you can also add instructions for your shopper?

So if you want your shopper to snag the least-ripe bananas they can find while shopping in the produce department, leave them a message.

Add the item to your shopping cart and then go to the shopping cart. Under the location where the item is listed, you should see a pencil icon and the phrase “Editing Instructions.”

fifteen. tipping Eat your Costco fruit and vegetables in time? Consider buying frozen or canned

In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, Costco also stocks an extensive selection in its canned and frozen departments, including organic produce.

If you find that you’re throwing away fruit and vegetables faster than you can eat them, it might be time to switch to the canned or frozen aisles for some produce.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Costco will ship, when Costco will stock up, and what you should know before buying Costco beef.


Costco fruits and vegetables are a high-quality, affordable offering when you shop in the fruit and vegetable department with some discernment. Don’t buy anything you know you won’t use up over time, and learn about best practices for storing produce to extend its shelf life.